Laudatus sis, mi Domine, propter fratrem ignem, per quem noctem illuminas, et ipse est pulcher et iucundus et robustus et fortis”. Praised be you, my Lord, through Brother Fire, through whom you light the night, and he is beautiful and playful and robust and strong”.[


Paranthropus robustus is a species of robust australopithecine from the Early and possibly Middle Pleistocene of the Cradle of Humankind, South Africa, about 2 to 1 or 0.6 million years ago.It has been identified in Kromdraai, Swartkrans, Sterkfontein, Gondolin, Cooper's, and Drimolen Caves. Discovered in 1938, it was among the first early hominins described, and became the type species for

It derives from the Latin robustus , meaning "strength.". Aug 29, 2018 The splay of tooth roots reveals how South African hominins, Australopithecus africanus and Paranthropus robustus, chewed their food. Jun 9, 2013 1999), the species Rhodnius prolixus and R. robustus–like provide a good The impact of Chagas disease control in Latin America: A review. Apr 7, 2021 of the YearMammalsGray whaleEschrichtius robustusGray whaleHighly commendedCentral AmericaMexicoCetaceansLatin America and the  — Adjectives for robustus: australopithecus, macropus, eschrichtius, male, robust , larger, south, latin, female, more — People also search for: ichthyosaur,  EUSTHENES ROBUSTUS INSECT EMBEDDED IN CLEAR RESIN - REAL INSECT The scutellum (Latin for 'little shield', the hard extension of the thorax  The genus name honors Danish zoologist Daniel Eschricht; robustus means strong or oaken in Latin.

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source:  Learn more about Nothobranchius robustus. Nothobranchius robustus Ahl, 1935 The specific name is formed from robustus (in Latin for robust, strong),  LatinEdit. Latin. praecepitque Iosue filio Nun et ait confortare et esto robustus tu enim introduces filios Israhel in terram quam pollicitus sum et ego ero tecu  weak unhealthy frail delicate illness.

2019-10-29 · rōbustus ( feminine rōbusta, neuter rōbustum, comparative rōbustior, superlative rōbustissimus ); first / second-declension adjective. of oak, oaken. (by extension) hard, firm, solid, robust.

Atlantic spotted dolphin Stenella frontalis. The specific name, frontalis, is Latin for “ 92p, Wine Spectator: 90p) Robustus 2008 (54 fl saldo) 73258, 534 kr Touriga Franca, Tinta Amarela, Tinta Roriz,  Latin. Engelska. Struthio camelus, Struthio camelus massaicus.

The species name, robustus, is Latin for ‘robust’, probably referring to its beak, which is quite hefty and allows the Cape Parrot to crack open all sorts of hard nuts and fruits; especially those of the yellowwood trees (Podocarpus spp.), which is prevalent in the Cape Parrot’s habitat.

Pronunciation (Brit. Eng.) IPA:… strong : …ແຂງແຮງ‎, ແຮງ‎ Latgalian: styprys‎, dykts‎ Latin: robustus ‎, … robustus according to the free Latin Dictionary. um| robustior -or -us| robustissimus -a -um ADJ |physically mature/grown up; mature in taste/judgement; strong/powerful in arms robustus (Latin) Origin & history From rōbur ("a kind of hard oak; hardness, strength"). Adjective. of oak, oaken (by extension) hard, firm, solid, robust; Related words & phrases. rōborārium; rōborascō; rōborātus; rōboreus; rōborō; rōbur; rōburneus; rōbus; rōbustē; rōbusteus; Descendants. English: robust; French: robuste; Italian: robusto The Latin specific epithet robustus means “sturdy, growing strongly”.

The plant was introduced from Central Asia to Europe and North America in 1874 and is popular in gardens.
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White, Albus, Candidus, [al'bus][kandi'dus]. Red, Ruber, [ru'ber]. Green, Viridis, [wi'ri'dis].

The Latin specific epithet robustus means “sturdy, growing strongly”. The plant was introduced from Central Asia to Europe and North America in 1874 and is popular in gardens.
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Mar 4, 2020 56–73 cm; 2·4–4·3 kg. Very strong-billed, with pale yellow brow on side of head. Adult has forehead, crown and entire upperparts black, often 

Mängden falska polypoder passar in i ett släkt Video: falsk tinder (Phellinus robustus)  Vilket är tur, för det finns inget motgift. Dess namn Sicarius är även Latin för mördare. Gott.

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45335); robustus: From the Latin adjective robustus, meaning strong or robust, in allusion to the overall robust appearance of this species. More on authors: 

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